02 Feb 2024

Haines Curates Lampshade Auction for TP Caring Spaces

Haines Curates Lampshade Painting Workshop
To mark the start of our online charity auction on Thursday the 23rd of March, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the lampshade workshop itself, so you can see some behind-the-scenes activity from the day and get a first look at the lampshades on sale.
Each lampshade has been designed and hand-painted by one of our Haines Curates designers with the guidance of legendary textile designer Sarah Campbell (who also has a lampshade up for auction!). Each as unique as its designer, the lampshades are completely one-of-a-kind and beautiful.
Not only are they lovely lampshades, but they're also lampshades that do good too. In true Haines style, the lampshades and paints were donated by Julian Chichester and Edward Bulmer - both were surplus and/or end of line, so we're thrilled to have given them new life!
They will be up for auction from the 23rd of March until the 23rd of April with all proceeds being donated to TP Caring Spaces* who make hospitals, clinics and charitable centres a restorative haven through their interior design service.
To view the 11 lots in our auction and place your bids, click here.

*after auction processing fee
All images by Mimi VP Photography