Haines Curates Sustainable Interior Design and Conscious Designers from Haines Collection

Haines Curates Designers
Haines Curates brings together a selection of talented textile and product designers who are working hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
"All of these brands are acting in their own individual ways to improve their environmental impact, from everyday studio work to source materials and larger scale production methods, and that is something we should all be championing in an industry that has for too long been so wasteful,” says Jules Haines, Founder and Director of Haines Collection. “My hope is that Haines Curates will help promote brands such as these and will make shopping sustainably become easier than before. It’s an exciting new stage for Haines Collection as we hope to build our community over the coming months to become a destination for environmentally conscious sourcing for all areas of the home.”
Currently our Haines Curates designers are:
If you know of a brand who should be part of Haines Curates please contact us. Applications will be open in April.
Haines Curates Eco Textiles and Homeware Haines Collection