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How long will it take to get my items?

Fabric should be delivered within 10 working days. Wallpaper can be up to 15 workings days. We do not always house the item, so please bear with me if there is a delay as I may not be posting it myself. If you need it sooner please contact me and I will try and post urgently. All items are sent tracked with FedEx. We do now ship outside of the UK so this can take up to 21 working days for delivery.

What is the cost of shipping in the UK?

We send fabric under 5 metres folded for a flat rate of £7.95*. If you want your fabric sent on a roll please let us know before check out and we can adjust shipping prices. Fabric orders 5m and up to 10m will be sent on a roll at a cost of £11.95. Fabric 11m and above will cost £21.95. International shipping costs may vary, please checkout for final costs.

 *Velvet should not be folded so will be sent on a roll, because of this it will be sent at a cost of £11.95.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do! We ship all over the world, for a quote at the items to your basket and you shipping address and the cost will be calculate. All taxes are paid by the recipient.

What does 'Defective' mean?

When our fabrics say 'defective' on them, it means that they are a print second. A fabric can be a print second for many reasons such as the colour is a shade or two off from what the designer requested, there are areas where the ink is not as saturated as it should be, or there is a tiny extra mark on the design. But all of our fabrics are still 100% usable. We always check orders before we send them out, if we felt there was anything obvious we would let the customer know. If you were ever unhappy with your fabric, you have two weeks to return it.

Is 'Quantity' equal to metres?

Yes, when you are buying fabric the quantity is equal to metres. The 'Amount available' shows the volume that you can add to your basket. By adding 1 in the quantity box does not mean that you are adding all that is available.

Where are the fabrics from?

The fabrics are from designers and makers who have it leftover from a projects or a production process. This is why the fabrics are in small volume and I'm not able to source any more than what we are selling on the website. Some designs may be printed in the wrong colour or have a small fault, if this is the case I will mention it in the fabric details and refer to it as a 'second' or 'defective print'.

How do I buy a different amount than what is in the drop down?

Call or email me. Unfortunately the clever people who built the website have done so in a way that doesn't allow anything but whole numbers - don't worry I'm chasing them for it! But if you need more or less than what is shown, it's totally possible, just give me a shout.

How often do you get new fabrics in? How do I find out before everyone else?!

I get new fabrics in all the time and launch them on my Instagram @haines_collection every Monday at 6.30pm.  If you don't have an account you should join the millions who do! I will also email newsletters out a few times a year, so please sign up!

Do you send samples?

I'm so sorry but I'm not always able to send samples - but do message me incase I can. The fabric that I have is in small quantities and so I can occasionally cut off a cm of fabric for samples. 

Are the colours as shown on the website?

I try my best to show the colour as true as it is in real life as in an image. But all of our computer screens are different as well as mobile devices so it can look a little different. If you have received your item and it's no where near what you expected, please contact me.

How do I look after/clean my fabric?

Please take care with your fabric and spot clean where possible. Avoid putting your fabric in direct sunlight, and if you do be warned it will fade (and possibly tear) in time. If you are using the fabric to make something, please ask the person who is making it how they recommend cleaning it. If you are making something yourself (high five!) then hand wash cold, or if it's upholstery wipe clean. Baby wipes do magic on most stains!

I want to redo my ____ (insert project here: ie. headboard, sofa, lampshade, doghouse). Do you have tutorials anywhere?

Yes! My Notebook is my blog, please click on the NOTES section and have a read. If there is a project you think I'm missing, please give me a shout, I'm always open to suggestions.

What is your return policy?

If an item has arrived damaged or not as expected, please contact me ASAP. Returns claims must be made within 14 days of arrival, and must be returned in the same condition that you received it in. From notifying me you have another 14 days to return the item. Please return the item securely packaged by a secure courier and take note of your tracking number incase it goes missing. After these timelines I cannot accept returns. I'm afraid I cannot refund any postage costs, unless you item is not as expected and I have agreed a refund. From receiving the item back I will refund you within 7 working days.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order please get in touch urgently. 

What do you do with email address and personal data?

Keep it under lock and key! We may have to share your name, address and phone number to the supplier of the item you have bought - so they can post it out to you. Apart from that reason, I will never share any of your data.