25 Jan 2024

How much material do I need for headboard?

How much material do I need for headboard?

Bespoke Headboards and Beds from The Headboard Workshop

How much fabric do you need? Well, the short answer is - it depends on how big your headboard is! But we have worked with The Headboard Workshop to come up with a more accurate answer based on if you order a headboard with them (which we highly recommend!) The team of experts will make your bed dreams come true...but back to the question in hand. See their answer below!

Every size and style of headboard requires a different quantity of material. We include a model specific fabric requirement on each and every headboard and bed on our website for easy reference.

To find the amount you’ll need, first navigate to the size and style of headboard you’d like to purchase at https://www.theheadboardworkshop.co.uk Once there, you’ll find a banner that looks like this near to the images of the product:

If you click on the + sign of the blue bar entitled Customer’s Own Material, it will open out to give the information for that model, like so:

Headboard Workshop and Haines Collection bespoke beds

The text that is visible when you do this will also ask for extra material if:

  • You have a directional fabric (patterned) – we will need one or more extra ‘pattern repeats’ depending on the model.
  • You wish to have a pillowstop – extra material is needed for this.
  • You wish to supply a different colour material for contrast piping (on piped models only)

So, what do all these things mean?

What is a pattern repeat?

When material is printed, it is printed with a pattern repeat along the length of the roll. The vertical pattern repeat relates to the distance between where the pattern starts, ends and appears again.

If your chosen material has a pattern repeat of 4 cm, for example, and we ask for 1 extra pattern repeat, we would need an extra 4 cm to be able to join the patterns correctly.

Similarly, if your pattern repeat is 68 cm and 1 extra pattern repeat is needed, we would need an extra 68 cm.

On a bed, we may need up to 5 pattern repeats and therefore, a fabric with a large pattern repeat can work out to be an expensive and wasteful choice.

Jules at Haines Collection will certainly be able to help with these sums for you, however, do feel free to also contact us for advice on 01291 628216.

What is a ‘directional pattern’?

A directional pattern has a clear top and a bottom to it. A good example of this is a tree pattern – you would normally always want for the tree to be upright on your headboard. If we were to use the fabric on its side to avoid joins/seams then your trees would be sideways – hardly ideal!

A good example of a non directional pattern may be a dot or spot that has no clear top or bottom and so the fabric could easily be run sideways to avoid joins.

Extra care should be taken when considering stripes. A striped pattern could be run directionally OR from side to side and you’ll be asked to confirm which way you intend stripe to run.

We will contact you when we receive your material at our workshop to confirm your pattern direction for fabrics which could be run both ways to ask your preference.

We don’t advise strips or check patterns on deep buttoned headboard styles, by the way, as the pattern distorts.

If you have any further questions do give us or The Headboard Workshop a shout!