02 Feb 2024

Why Haines Curates?

Why Haines Curates?

The Haines Collection is passionate about reducing waste. We have come so far rescuing leftover home fabrics and accessories, and we wondered what else we could do to make a difference to the interiors industry.

Often we're asked for large quantities of products, but the nature of leftovers if that there is a finite amount available. Our lovely loyal customers want to have a 'Haines Home' so after many conversations with designers that were doing great things - we decided we needed to expand our offering.

We are starting Haines Curates with ten talented designers who I have personally connected with and know that our ethos aligns with theirs. Their luxury beautiful designs are unique, low waste and low impact. We are all committed to continually trying to do better and never stop learning how we can be more environmentally friendly.

All of these brands are acting in their own individual ways to improve their environmental impact. My hope is that Haines Curates will help promote brands such as these, that also bring us stunning products to elevate our homes, and will make shopping sustainably become easier than before.

It’s an exciting new stage for Haines Collection as we hope to build our community over the coming months to become a destination for environmentally conscious sourcing for all areas of the home.

Jules Haines launches Haines Curates Eco Designers