02 Feb 2024

Easy DIY Lampshade for £20 in 20 Minutes

Easy DIY Lampshade for £20 in 20 Minutes

I can't tell you how easy it is to make a lampshade, just about 20 mins of your time, the ability to read and follow instructions!

I had some fabric left over from my headboard so I wanted to make a matching lampshade. The cost of one online was totally out of budget so as usual I headed off to make my own.

I bought my lampshade making kit on Amazon for about £20, you can choose from a range of sizes and got out the old school maths to work out the circumference of a circle to ensure I had enough fabric.

Then it was basically sticking the fabric to a piece of card, the card sticks to a top ring and a bottom ring and THAT'S IT! You can thank me later people...

TIP: If you have a print make sure you decide if its for a pendant or standing light as it will change where you have the ring and which is the 'top' and 'bottom'.