02 Feb 2024

Celebrating World Circular Textiles Day

Celebrating World Circular Textiles Day
World Circular Textiles Day is a big date in our diary
and this year is no exception...
Textile sorting facility in Cambodia
Image by [Henry Perks] via [Unsplash]
There's a lot of information readily available about the fashion industry's contribution to textile waste and pollution, but little on the interior textiles landscape - This was a real driving force behind starting Haines.
It's my hope and belief that with growing knowledge and information comes greater action. I'm encouraged to see the steps which have already been taken within the industry to improve the commitment to reducing interior textile waste, but there's still a lot of work to do.
It's going to be really exciting to see how the industry may look in a few years' time and to hopefully be a part of the change.

In case you wanted to learn more about WCTD...

What is World Circular Textiles Day?

World Circular Textiles Day is an initiative aimed to celebrate the individuals, brands and industries who are taking steps towards a circular textiles future and is celebrated annually on the 8th of October.

What is circularity in textiles?