15 May 2024

The Wicklewood Way

The Wicklewood Way
Design brand Wicklewoood holds its roots in contemporary design for the modern nomad. Inspired by the colourful climbs of Guatemala and India, their designs are packed with colour, personality, and artisanal flair. Designed in London and crafted by makers around the world, their homeware and lifestyle accessories are made with integrity with sustainability in mind. 
Founder, Caroline in her home office
  1. Tell us more about the Wicklewood story. Where did it all begin?
The idea was probably planted when I was a child, growing up with fabrics around the house, immersed in beautiful, joyful interiors. My great-grandmother was an expert in, and a big collector of Guatemalan textiles and my mother started her fabric company, Blithfield, when I was ten – I’d help her cut and label samples and spent many weekends at fabric trade shows. When I moved back to London from the US after living in white box rentals and university dorms for 9 years, I started thinking about how I could create a way to bring the craft, colour and character I loved into other people's homes.
  1. Many of your products are inspired by and made in Guatemala and India. What inspires you about these cultures, and how do they influence your designs?
So many things – the understanding of colour, the expertise, the craft – so much of it is done by hand. I’ve always loved bringing things back from my travels to remind me of the trip, and I wanted to capture this feeling in our products. We work closely with our artisans, preserving traditional crafts and design heritage, playing with colour and pattern, then adding our Wicklewood DNA.
Caroline's home office
  1. How do your principles surrounding ethical design and production impact your design choices?
I have met the artisans that we work with – and visited most of them in their studios or homes. We often work with collectives, which ensures fair wages and helps build stable career paths. Many of our designs are locally made and preserve traditional techniques. We manufacture in small batches to minimise waste – which sometimes means a short wait while more pieces are crafted, but we’d rather work that way. Wicklewood is about bringing people together and that starts with our supply chain, right through to the use of the final product.
  1. Your brand is packed full of colour and personality. What would your advice be for someone wanting to add more of their personality to their home?

Follow your heart and don't be scared to do what feels right to you – after all, it is your home and should be a reflection of you and what makes you happy. Opt for colours you’re drawn to – yellow makes me instantly feel happy. If you feel nervous about colour, start with colourful home accessories that can be moved around, like some bold cushions, wall art, or ceramics. A tabletop is often a fun place to play around with colour, as you can change it for every meal! In a wider sense, I try to balance big-scale patterns with smaller motifs and brighter colours with neutral hues – a serene blue and white bedroom appearing at the end of a brightly wallpapered orange hallway.