02 Feb 2024

My headboard is wider than my material – can it work?

My headboard is wider than my material – can it work?

This is a question that comes up a lot. In short you can add panels on the sides to make it wider, or leave it to the experts such as The Headboard Workshop to give you advice on railroading (turning the design on it's side) or joining fabric...

Upholstery fabric is usually around 130-140 cm wide (usable width). In many cases, this means the front of your headboard exceeds the width of the material and so your fabric will need to be joined to make it wide enough to cover the headboard.

This does mean that there will be seams visible on the front of your headboard if your material has a directional pattern.

If you are sending a plain fabric that can be used on its side, no joins will be seen on the front face of your headboard.

We ask for one extra pattern repeat so that our seamstress can perfectly align the edges of material to match the pattern across the panels.

For some styles of headboard, there may be no requirement to have joins – Our Taransay, Tiree, and Skye headboards incorporate panels into their designs without joins. Deep buttoned models like our Iona, Easdale and Tean are made so that the joins in the material are hidden within the pleats that form around the buttoning.

Can I have a patterned fabric but run it on it’s side?

You can decide which way you want your pattern to run.

Some patterns do not have a definitive top or bottom to them, so, the choice is yours alone.

We do not recommend using a pattern that has a very definite top and bottom in the wrong orientation.

Some fabrics are printed as ‘railroaded’. This means that the pattern is turned on the fabric through 90 degrees so that the usual sides of the fabric (the selvedge) becomes the top and bottom.