02 Feb 2024


Finally, scientific proof is that buying second hand can reduce your carbon footprint.
I was recently invited to a conference by The Sale Room, discussing a report put together by Mike Berners-Lee, author of 'How Bad Are Bananas?' commissioned by ATG (Auction Technology Group). The report was based on how much carbon is saved when you buy at auction or second hand.
A person in the UK's annual carbon footprint is 13 tonnes; by buying second-hand, this is reduced. For example, if you purchase a pre-loved sofa, your savings on your carbon admission would be 0.56 tonnes and an armchair 0.16 tonnes.
Along with some reassuring stats, 75% of consumers aged 25 and under say sustainability is more important than brand names. 67% of people born between 1965 and 1980 prefer to buy from companies that conduct their business sustainably. And it's not just your carbon footprint you are saving on; it's also the pounds! Have a look at the below slide showing the price difference of an Ercol Table brought at auction. No brainer for me!
Read the full ATG report here
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