Ann Sacks, Savoy Classic Field Tile - Bronze

Ann Sacks, Savoy Classic Field Tile - Bronze

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Savoy tiles are made up from 21% pre-consumer recycled content, including ceramic waste material from discarded clay and smashed tableware. The rest of the tile body is composed of 22% clay and 57% feldspar. The Savoy tile is durable and recommended for areas with interior moisture load. Bronze glaze suitable for indoor walls
and light-duty flooring only. Please note, the Bronze is NOT recommended for wet areas since acidic or abrasive cleaners and certain pool chemicals may affect the finish

Colour: Bronze
Designer: Ann Sacks
Material: Ceramic
Length: 7.62cm
Width: 15.24cm
Coverage: 87 tiles cover approx 1 sq/m.
Amount Available: 3 boxes - each box contains 160 sheets. Price is per box. 


Light-duty flooring, tiling.

Quantity 1 is equal to 1 box.