02 Feb 2024


We are back working with our great friends at Levi's® on their latest collaboration with the Levi’s® by Levi’s® London Haus team on an exclusive partnership with the wonderful women at Love Welcomes.
Love Welcomes is a social enterprise that employs refugee women, helping them integrate into society by teaching them how to create handmade products from upcycled materials. For this collaboration, they have created beautiful denim quilts. Each one is made up of 15 Levi's® denim jackets that were unable to sell due to having defaults. Once quilted, all the blankets are backed with handpicked fabric from the Haines Collection.
The patchwork blankets create awareness on refugee inclusion, by supporting the Love Welcomes team with the living wage through their creative work. In addition, the creativity reimagines Levi’s® denim and Haines Collection fabric into more than beautiful patchwork blankets, achieving goals for less textile waste for the environment.
This partnership has come together to break the bias for women with refugee backgrounds showcasing their many talents from design to creative skills. Through self-empowerment, the sewing circle and process of patch-working provides a safe space to share their stories together.
With all profits of the sale going to Love Welcomes we are very proud to be supporting such an incredible organisation.