02 Feb 2024

Sustainable Cushion Pads

Sustainable Cushion Pads
As they say 'It's what's inside that counts' and that's very true for a cushion. If you are on the hunt for a cushion pad, why not try one of these three options for a more conscious, comfortable buy.
FEATHER : We offer duck & down feather cushion pads on all our cushions. Feathers are sourced from Europe and produced as a by-product of the meat industry. Cushions are covered with the best quality cambric, a 100% natural material that reduces the migration of the feathers. In our opinion feather is the best option for a scatter or sofa cushions as easy to plump back to its original form after use.
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WOOL: Wool is an eco-friendly and sustainable filling product. Extremely light, but offers a firm and stable feel, has excellent filling power and is also anti-allergy. A great option for a bedroom cushion.
TEXTILE OFFCUTS: The perfect solution is cushion inners, transforming them back into their fibrous form. Comfortable and eco-friendly!