25 Jan 2024

Only 2 Metres of Fabric - What Can I do?

Only 2 Metres of Fabric - What Can I do?

Using leftover furnishing fabric to upholster a king size headboard

Two metres is a decent amount of fabric and takes you into the realms of blinds, and larger upholstery. Here are my top 5 options of what to do with 2m of fabric:

1. A Headboard - you could cover a double headboard in this fabric. If it's a King Size bed you can sew on contrasting fabric panels to increase the width of the fabric. Or you can find a design that you can railroad (turn on its side) like a geometric, stripe or plain and be able to use the drop of the fabric as the headboard width.

2. A Blind - Most windows are less that 2m long and narrower than 135cm - so this is the perfect amount of fabric for a blind. Blinds also show off a pattern best!

3. Ottoman - I'm a big fan of a striking ottoman in a sittingroom so plenty here to make your ottoman of dreams!

4. A table cloth - if you fold in the sides and sew them down, you have the perfect summer table cloth!

5. Cushions - enough here to make a few large cushions with the design on both sides and have self piping (piping made out of the same fabric.)