02 Feb 2024

New Government Report on Textiles Waste

New Government Report on Textiles Waste

Textile waste and remnants

WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Programme) have produced two reports for the government with the main aim of halving textiles in residual waste over the next 10 years, a significant increase in reuse and recycling is needed.

This report builds on the evidence found previous reports, looking at all the impacts on businesses and consumers. It provides the Government with the evidence needed to make decisions on textiles policy in the UK.

The work includes a shortlist of policy options showing no single policy measure is sufficient, and a combination of options is necessary to effectively tackle the impacts of clothing and textiles.

WRAP believes that an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will play a vital role in shifting to a circular economy. Industry engagement is key and must work with international policies such as the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles.

WRAP’s recommendations:

  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for the UK’s fashion and textiles industry.
  • Eco-design criteria to improve product durability and recyclability, together with effective product labelling.
  • Restrictions on landfill and incineration.
  • Grants and loans to develop recycling infrastructure.
  • An increase is separate bring-banks and kerbside collections appropriate to geographical location.

This is exciting, the government is taking textile waste seriously and means that change is coming. Just what our industry needs.

Read more on WRAPs website.