02 Feb 2024

Haines' 'Zero Waste' Sustainable Swaps

Haines' 'Zero Waste' Sustainable Swaps
Hello Zero Waste Week!

To celebrate Zero Waste Week 2022 I've put together our top tips and tricks for reducing waste and improving our commitment to sustainability.

The smallest steps are sometimes the most important, and changes can be made from the home, on the go and in your wardrobe.

Let's start by reducing waste at home...

1. Jam Jars - these can be a really useful kitchen companion. Once they are devoured, and every inch of jam is scraped from the bottom, wash it, make sure you keep the lid and...et voila you have the perfect (and rather aesthetically pleasing) food container. From rice, cereals, pasta and leftovers this is a great way to keep food fresh and sealed without using any single-use plastics or non-recyclable products.

2. Install a water butt - these will be readily available at your local DIY store and will save litres of water which would otherwise have gone straight to the sewer system. The water collected will be fresh and ideal for watering the garden and all those plants in desperate need of some refreshment!

Reducing waste on the go...

1. Cupple Cup - I'm now lost without my Cupple Cup. The ingenious design combines both a cup and a bottle (hence the name!) meaning you can get your fix of water and (most importantly) coffee on to go using 0 single-use plastics - perfect.

2. Beeswax Food Wrap - made from a wax blend these food wrappers are a fantastic alternative to cling film. After rinsing with cold water and a little soap, they are ready to be used again and again. They are a lifesaver in both work and lunchboxes (and look pretty gorgeous too).

Rethink your wardrobe...

1. Clothes Swap - In addition to the home, a huge amount of waste products come from the fashion industry. Hosting a clothes swap with friends is a great opportunity to give old clothes new life, get together and shop with a difference.

2. Repair and Reuse - Changing up your existing wardrobe can be a really quick way to give your clothes an upgrade. You don't even need to be handy with a needle, simply wearing a jumper or evening top back to front can give you a whole new neckline. It may sound strange but give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised!