01 Feb 2024

Custom Cushions with Katy Takla

Custom Cushions with Katy Takla
After a fashion career in London and subsequent re-location to the countryside, Katy decided it was time for something a little different. As a self-confessed lover of print and colour, and with an enviable personal collection of fabric remnants, she took the plunge, and her namesake frilly cushion business was born.
We sat down and asked her all the things fellow fabric-lovers want to know >
What 3 words would you use to describe your personal interior style?
Colourful, Fun, Traditional.
We LOVE your fabric combinations. Where do you start when making your choices? What are your tips for selecting textiles that complement each other?
Ah thank you! I am definitely of the opinion that anything goes, and more is more! I always start by looking at contrasting colours together, I love the drama this can create. I would say just don't be afraid to mix bold colours together, pink and red is, in my opinion, the greatest combo. I also utterly adore green and navy together. I also don't think you can have too many different colours together; if you love a fabric or a colour, there is always a way to make it work!
Image - one of Katy's custom cushion designs 

The majority of your fabrics are sourced from designer remnants and end-of-roll pieces, which is amazing! Have you had to change your way of working because of this? Are there are limitations or advantages of this? 

I started my business because I'd built up such a big collection of remnants. When I was younger, I was obsessed with the remnant basket in John Lewis, I was always on the hunt for small pieces at bargain prices! I love the search for remnants and never knowing what I'll find. My website drops are reliant on what gems I've found in the past few weeks. It definitely keeps it fresh and interesting because each month, I find new designs, and always in unusual shapes or small sizes. The limitations are that I'm restricted to how many I can make in each design.


Image - Katy's handmade draught excluders 

Do you have any recommendations for choosing which size cushion is right for your room? (eg on a bed compared to a chair)

Oooh yes, great question and one I am asked about all the time! On a chair, I really love a small lumbar shape, it looks as cute as a button! I'm obsessed with fabrics and cushions. Obviously. But on a bed, I really like to keep it simple. Just a pair of large squares or one long lumbar, I'm not one to pile them high on a bed. I think with the right fabrics and contrasting frills, you can easily get enough impact and interest by sticking to that.


You've recently moved into a new studio - tell us more!

Oh boy, I'm so happy! (as is my husband, we have finally got our sitting room back, and he can finally have a study of his own rather than having to be surrounded by 200 cushion pads!!) I moved in at the start of this year after having it decorated. I really wanted it to be wildly colourful and fun, the perfect backdrop for the amazing fabrics I get to play with everyday!! The walls are pink, the woodwork is dark red, the stairs are blue, and the tiny kitchenette is yellow. Add to that a million fabric remnants, and I have never been happier in a room!


Image - Katy's studio come kitchenette!

You often take commissions, how does that work?

Yes, I absolutely do. I really love working closely with customers and planning their cushions! Many have their own remnants already (a very high % of them from Haines, of course!) and so post them to me, and we work together to pair their fabric with wonderful frill or piping options. Others simply have an idea of colour or pattern, so we chat through their scheme and ideas, and then I send them numerous options that might work. I'm happy to work in any way when it comes to commissions, my favourite thing is chatting fabrics and planning fun fabric combinations!


Image - Katy's collection of fabric remnants 

Lastly, can you choose 2 of your favourite Haines fabrics that you would create into a custom cushion?

Oh YES, the dream question!! 

I love all the John Stefanidis fabrics and also the Susan Deliss Coromandel is divine. But my winning combination would probably be the Folk Stripe in Pink by Daydress, teamed with Pomily Checkers in Navy. I'd go for a reversible cushion, so one fabric on each side, and probably paired with a pale pink frill. HEAVEN.


We couldn't agree more! If you've spotted a fabric you love and would like Katy to create your own dream cushion - let us know and we can send the fabric directly to her!