Meet the Team

'Our Mission is to Reduce Waste in the Interiors Industry'

The Haines Collection provides a solution to the environmental challenges facing the Interiors industry today.

We are a pioneering platform for the resale of fabric offcuts that would otherwise most likely be headed to landfill. The Haines Collection enables interior businesses to make small but positive changes to help reduce the negative impact that they have on the planet.

We put passion behind everything we do and truly love our work. If you think that you would be a great contribution to our team, why not drop us an email -




JULES - Founder and Director

Jules is an interiors lover and waste hater. With over a decade in the interiors industry she has experienced first hand the high volume of waste around. So in 2018, with a small budget, part-time job and a 1 and 3 year old - Jules decided to build a brand that could make a difference. A conscious business.

OLLIE - Director

As the original Haines, Ollie is the other half of the Haines Collection. He contributes his years of experience in sales and finance, and spends his time on business development for the company.


Abi is our Operations Manager

ABI - Operations Manager

Abi has been with Jules from the early days and is her rock! More officially known as our Operations Manager she uses her years of working in the Interiors Industry to ensure everything runs smoothly at the Haines Collection.



ZOE - Operations Executive 

Zoe has been with us since the day we moved into Haines HQ and shares our passion for fabrics and sewing. She is the glue that holds us (and the stock room) together and probably the first person you will be in contact with any questions!


ANNETTE - Marketing Manager

Annette joins us from Levi's with nearly a decade of marketing experience. She and Jules are beavering away to make sure the Haines Collection can reduce waste far and wide!



LUCY - Marketing Assistant

Lucy covers all things social media and marketing - you'll see her weekly emails in your inbox and regular posts on Instagram. She's a keen sewer and is the first to rummage through our sample boxes!