There's no better day than Valentine to celebrate one of the most luxurious colours around - red. Who better than the Colour Man himself Edward Bulmer, to tell us a little about this controversial colour...
“Red is for love, but not for life methinks!

The rose is a clue….reds derive traditionally from plant, animal or mineral sources. They were rich but impermanent, glamorous but expensive and the minerals were dangerous!

That is why one day is enough to express our deep emotion with a deep colour. As a symbol, fantastic - as a decorating colour less useful, but try colour with a red base, preferably red ochre and you are on much firmer ground!

It can impart warmth, comfort and flesh toned flattery.

In history, bright red was seldom used for painting walls, as to get a bright red was more effectively achieved with the use of dyes and so those red rooms one sees are either the heavy metal based shades of ancient Pompeii or the damask hung rooms of stately homes!

Red is for love - pink is for life!”

Edward Bulmer, interior designer and founder of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

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