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Curtain Tips

Shout if you ever need help or just drop me a message!  Top tips... Think about what kind of pleats you want. Double pleats are my favorite (called Duo pleat below). It's best to get your pole or track up before you get someone round to measure up Get a few quotes and ask them how much fabric you need.  Once you have a quote you know how much you can spend on fabric to fit into your budget. I always suggest making curtains a little wider than necessary so there is plenty of fabric and no gaps - also helps if you move house as you might be able to re-use them. Lining - for bedrooms I'd always go...

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I'm not a blogger - help!

I don't have time to read blogs, so do I want to try and write one? That's why I love Instagram, it's all pretty pictures, you and dip in and out and you don't have to skip back a few pictures to recap on the storyline. I recently joined a book club, and just have to listen to them all on Audible...shhhhh! So the honest truth is I'm just not a reader, I wish I was, my grammar would be a whole lot better. So can I create a blog that is for the non readers out there like me? A blog that is short, to the point and image heavy...let's have a go...

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