Only 1 Metre of Fabric - What Can I do?

 1 metre of Soane Fabric

I fell in love with a piece of fabric recently but there was only 1m available, which left me thinking 'What are my options'. So I came up with a list I thought I would share:

1. Cushions - Depending on the size, and if you use a pattern on both sides (I often put a plain on the back) you could make 1-4 cushions with this amount of fabric.

2. Upholstery - this is enough to cover the top of a blanket box, or if you wanted it on a chair you could use your fabric for the centre and cover the back and sides in another design.

3. Kitchen Chairs - you probably have enough here to do 4 kitchen seat pads

4. Lampshades - plenty here to do two matching lampshades up to 40cm wide.

5. Bed Blanket - find some backing and wadding for the middle and make it into a nice blanket to go at the end of your bed.

There are more ideas than this but hopefully, it gets you thinking about your options!

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  • Johanna Jenks

    Love this! Will keep it in mind next time I see a small piece of fabric I can’t resist. Jo

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