I'm not a blogger - help!

I don't have time to read blogs, so do I want to try and write one? That's why I love Instagram, it's all pretty pictures, you and dip in and out and you don't have to skip back a few pictures to recap on the storyline.

I recently joined a book club, and just have to listen to them all on Audible...shhhhh! So the honest truth is I'm just not a reader, I wish I was, my grammar would be a whole lot better.

So can I create a blog that is for the non readers out there like me? A blog that is short, to the point and image heavy...let's have a go...

Haines Collection room shot of chair, lamp and cushions. Fabric available on our fabric shop

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  • Francisca Denyer

    I like this kind of ‘alternative blog’… too much over-sharing going on out there – agree that’s why Instagram is so brilliant… but now find it increasingly highjacked by the Facebook crowd which is why I came off Facebook in the first place! These images follow the line of philosophy of World of Interiors who have never printed any words on their iconic covers: Let the picture do the talking.

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