Haines Collection + Headboard Workshop = Dreamy Beds

We get so many questions about headboards, the amount of fabric needed and where you can get a bespoke headboard made. We are certainly not the experts (though we try our best!) so we thought it was time to get the experts in!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Headboard Workshop. Now these guys seriously know their stuff. They make headboards of all sizes and shapes, you can choose your fabric and simply order it all online. Their headboards + our fabric = sounds like a match made in heaven right??

Haines Collection and The Headboard Workshop bespoke headboard

To order visit The Headboard Workshop, purchase your dream bed/headboard, then come to us to buy your fabric for it. We will just need your order number and then we do the rest!

I know how good they are first hand, I've been a huge fan for years. My mother bought two bespoke headboards from them six years ago, and they look as beautiful as the day she bought them.

Haines Collection and The Headboard Workshop bespoke headboard

We have turned to them for help on how to advise you on headboard fabric and they can make up the beauties for you. Follow the blog this week for all your questions answered.

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  • Annie Miller

    A brilliant partnership, The Headboard Workshop is an excellent company making an excellent product. Annie Miller, Charter Alley Design

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