Earth Day 2022


Hi All, 

Last year my open letter on Earth Day highlighted the considerable volume of textile waste in the Interiors Industry. This letter was a call to face the music and change our wasteful ways. With Earth Day tomorrow, 22 April, I’ve looked back on how the interiors industry has developed over the past year.


I do feel like the tide is slowly changing in the Interiors Industry. People are certainly thinking differently and reaching for the more environmentally friendly options when shopping for their homes. The future is hopeful with new Interior Designers being taught much more about sustainability in design school; they now have our environment at the forefront of their proposals. And after over a decade of visiting the international trade fair Decorex, this year was by far the most environmentally focused I’ve ever seen it, with many more eco businesses exhibiting and talks about waste and sustainability. 

Overall consumer awareness has undoubtedly risen, partly due to Glasgow hosting COP26. We may not have achieved everything from the event that we had hoped for, but even this issue being back in the media brings it to the forefront of our minds again.

The Haines Collection has evolved in the last year too, the highlight being the introduction of Haines Curates. In the last twelve months we have also introduced the resale of trimsmirrors and we are soon to launch rugs. We filmed a very successful mini-series called ‘Sustainable Interiors’ where we spoke to eco brands such as Edward Bulmer Paints who are working hard to make a difference.

As we look forward to what we can do in the coming year, we continue our commitment to making it easy to shop in an earth-friendly way for your home. Thank you so much for following and supporting us too, it really means so much.


Jules xx

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