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How much material do I need for headboard?

How much fabric do you need? Well, the short answer is - it depends on how big your headboard is! But we have worked with The Headboard Workshop to come up with a more accurate answer based on if you order a headboard with them (which we highly recommend!) The team of experts will make your bed dreams come true...but back to the question in hand. See their answer below! Every size and style of headboard requires a different quantity of material. We include a model specific fabric requirement on each and every headboard and bed on our website for easy reference. To find the amount you’ll need, first navigate to the size and style of headboard you’d like to...

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Haines Collection + Headboard Workshop = Dreamy Beds

We get so many questions about headboards, the amount of fabric needed and where you can get a bespoke headboard made. We are certainly not the experts (though we try our best!) so we thought it was time to get the experts in! We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Headboard Workshop. Now these guys seriously know their stuff. They make headboards of all sizes and shapes, you can choose your fabric and simply order it all online. Their headboards + our fabric = sounds like a match made in heaven right?? To order visit The Headboard Workshop, purchase your dream bed/headboard, then come to us to buy your fabric for it. We will just need your order number and...

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Only 1 Metre of Fabric - What Can I do?

  I fell in love with a piece of fabric recently but there was only 1m available, which left me thinking 'What are my options'. So I came up with a list I thought I would share: 1. Cushions - Depending on the size, and if you use a pattern on both sides (I often put a plain on the back) you could make 1-4 cushions with this amount of fabric. 2. Upholstery - this is enough to cover the top of a blanket box, or if you wanted it on a chair you could use your fabric for the centre and cover the back and sides in another design. 3. Kitchen Chairs - you probably have enough here to do 4 kitchen seat...

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Metro Newspaper Feature - May 2020

The Metro Newspaper asked me to take part in their new Make do and Mend column, and I'm so happy to see it out today! I'm talking about how to upcycle an old lampshade and turn it into a thing of beauty again. I've planned out all the steps for you, I hope it's all nice and clear. The photos are mostly from one of my Lampshade Workshops which I really miss not being able to do at the moment. Read the full article online here. Get making folks, kit is all bought from Dannells (use code HAINES for 10% discount) and feel free to ask any questions! Jules x

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